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Critical Response Essay – Rough Draft

Write: As part of the writing process, you are expected to reflect on your work and revise and edit accordingly. It is also useful to establish a community of learners in which you help edit and proofread each other’s papers. This reciprocal process will help you identify areas of strength and weakness in others’ writing as well as reflect on your own work and perhaps discover similar mistakes. For this week, you will be performing a peer review on your Critical Response Essay – Rough Draft.


 Please view the video Posting to a Discussing Forum (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for guidance on attaching word documents in your discussion post.

For this discussion

  • Write a two-page, properly formatted draft (or 500 words) of your Critical Response Essay, including introduction, thesis, and support paragraphs.
  • Signify your working thesis by including it in bold type.
  • Upload your rough draft to your post and address the following:
    • Explain the connection between your working thesis and your support paragraphs. Based on the thesis, what should readers expect to be covered in the body paragraphs? Would this connection be clear to someone without your explanation? If so, why? If not, how can you modify your support paragraphs and/or thesis statement to make this connection clearer?
    • Explain how you determined the most important topic in the library essay you selected (place, community, or communication/speaking out). Would the importance of the topic be clear to someone without your explanation? If so, why? If not, what information should you add to make this connection clearer?
    • Explain your critical response to the topic in the library essay you selected (place, community, communication/speaking out). Would this critical response be clear to someone without your explanation?
  • Note any other specific challenges faced or successes experienced when writing your rough draft or completing this discussion post.

***Everything that was used in the previous assignment has been attached. Please review in order to complete this assignment.

  • fullsizeoutput_5fb.jpeg
  • fullsizeoutput_5fc.jpeg
  • fullsizeoutput_5f5.jpeg
  • fullsizeoutput_5ed.jpeg
  • fullsizeoutput_5ec.jpeg
  • fullsizeoutput_5eb.jpeg
  • fullsizeoutput_5f0.jpeg
  • fullsizeoutput_5ee.jpeg
  • fullsizeoutput_5f1.jpeg
  • fullsizeoutput_5f2.jpeg
  • fullsizeoutput_5ef.jpeg


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