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Wine, Food, and Culture

You may choose one of the following four assignments:

       Option 1

       Prepare and cook a three-course meal for a minimum of two persons (and select wines to    partner with the food):

Research, design, and develop a three course menu along these lines:

a.    Appetizer/first course (Smaller plate of food than entrée, but served seated).

b.    Entrée (including protein, starch and vegetable)

c.     Dessert


                           An appropriate but comparable ethnic combination of courses.

Remember, you are serving 3 courses, portion sizes should be adjusted accordingly.

2.     Select wines to go with each course. The same wine may be used for two of the courses. These need not be expensive wines, and it is intended for you only to drink a glass with each course.  Total wine consumption should not exceed one-half bottle per person, maximum. Each student must be 21 years or over to consume wine.

3.     Include with the report:

            a. A menu listing the courses and the specific wine served at each course. Wine information on the menu should include vintage, producer, grape variety and appellation.

            b. Explain the rationale for your menu items and wine selections to accompany them. Emphasis should be on why the specific wines were selected to go with each course.

            c. Document the event with photographs or videos showing the        different food courses and wines. Write a brief (2-3 page) evaluation of what you liked and/or disliked) of the food/wine experience.  This should include an evaluation of each food and wine combination as well as a summary of how the entire meal worked together or did not work. 

       Option 2

       Keep a food diary or food journal for two weeks.  Reflect upon some of the themes in the course     and how this may affect your eating habits and food dollar expenditure.

       Examples of food logs or journals may be found at:    ood%20L     og.pdf

       Option 3

       Review three different food applications available on the market (examples include:

       Evaluate the effectiveness of the apps and critique their strengths and weaknesses.

       Option 4.

       Investigate certain food movements and associations such as “slow food”, “community gardening”, “raw    food”, and make a report of the findings.

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